30 years
173 cm - 5'8''
60 kg - 133 lbs
78 cm - 31'' B
65 cm - 26''
95 cm - 37''

I m based in Berlin and come to Paris 1-2 times a year. Write me now and I ll inform you when I plan my next trip. Next time - spring 2023!

My instagram: @radmila.book

My lingerie shop: satyrwear.etsy.com

APPEARANCE: All natural, very light skin, no tattoos, no piercing, no sun marks (even in summer), no visible scars or big moles.
I usually make light make-up myself, but if u need something complicated or bright – we may need a make-up artist.
Wardrobe. I have several lingerie sets, different clothes. If needed I can send u pictures of some items suitable for your idea.
I design and produce body-harness-lingerie, which we can use for a shoot. (See link above and dedicated album here).

I go to gym, have several years of yoga experience and learning pole dance. So I'm quite flexible and fit, but have my limits. If u need complicated poses - please send me examples or ask what I can. I can express different emotions quite easily if required for concept. I can pose myself and can follow your ideas as well.

I DONˋT do/shoot:
Open legs, po rn.
For pay websites like clips4sale, metart, etc..
Submissive roles and poses in bd sm or sexual context.
With flags or other political symbols, at memorials.
Offensive or simply poor taste stuff like „eating a banana sexy“ or „pulling down the panties and look down there“.
I love creative shootings, but no shooting is worth me being injured or arrested, so I will not stand on the edge of a cliff in heels, set myself on fire or walk naked in public in the middle of day.
I will not wear used by someone unwashed clothes, underwear.

I GLADLY shoot:
From fashion, portraits and up to art nude.
With clothes that can be opened and interacted with rather than standard bra/panty set. I have a selection of clothes in different styles and my own harness lingerie shop.
I love funny, satirical ideas.
Strange unusual poses, some yoga elements
Duo, usually with female model but I need to know who the model is in advance to make sure the chemistry is right. Male model - maybe, depends on concept. Never explicit stuff.
On locations, in lost places, anything that creates a mood and gives opportunities for interaction.
Posing for artists: drawing, sculpture.

Rates can change according to the country, number of photographers, private (portfolio) of commercial (advertisement, catalog, etc.) use and if the shoot is extra difficult.

I don't shoot po rno or open legs. I have the same rate for genres from portrait to art-nude, because I prefer to be paid for work, not for level of nudity (actually often fashion or portrait requires more work then nude).
Photoshooting does not include video recording of the shoot.
I ask to add following to photographer's contract with me (if I wake one):
- Photos can't be published on po rn, swinger, es cort and similar s ex-dedicated websites.
- If during the shooting an explicit picture was taken (labia visible, "open legs" genre) - picture can't be published anywhere and should be deleted. In exceptional cases it can be published only after extra consulting with me.
*Normally I don't shoot "open legs", but I can't control from which angle the photographer is making photos. I move a lot, take different poses and expect your respect of this condition: choose a decent angle. Frontal nude, pubic in the picture is ok.
Please no touching during the shooting without asking. (no massage or putting oil on me, I can do it myself).

I m published in:
Kansha Magazine May 2019
The Real life Magazine, issue 5, july 2021

Extra FAQ:
- I don't have a car, will travel by train/bus/plane.
- I don't shave and grow pubic hair on request, I keep it they I'm comfortable with. Now it s a wide stripe.

U can also write me to radmila.photo@gmail.com
Looking forward to working with you!

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